How Our Done-For-You Agency Program Works- (Click For Sound)

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   How The SUMA Network Works:

  • Our partners gain access to the exact sales process we use to attract course creators seeking more leads for their course, coaching programs and webinars.
  • When you join the SUMA Network you can earn up to $1000 commissions on every course creator or coach who applies for our service and becomes a client.
  • ​When you get a course creator to apply, our team will contact the client, close the client, collect payments and fulfill all of the services for the client for you.
  • ​Your job is done once the application is complete.
  • ​Just like a real estate agent, insurance sales rep, pharmaceutical sales rep, franchise sales, liquor sales or any other commissionable sales job…
  • ​The only difference is we take over once the application is complete but you get credit for the commission!

  Why Join The SUMA Network?

  • The SUMA Network was created to give everyday people the chance to tap into the digital marketing world without:
  • ​Starting your own agency…
  • ​Figuring out which model works best…
  • ​Losing money on advertising…
  • ​Or Investing in programs that don’t work...

   My Guarantee To YOU

  • I guarantee you will get the same results you are getting now if you don’t take action... (we are here to help you get to your end goal faster)
  • I guarantee if you join the SUMA Network and don’t implement the steps inside you will NOT get results… (there are NO short cuts... you will have to work)
  • ​I guarantee you will have the tools and resources to earn a full time living

   What I Want You To Do Next

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